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anthrocon's Journal

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Anthrocon: The World's Largest Furry Convention
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A community for the world's largest convention of devotees of cartoon animals
This community is for those interested in Anthrocon, the largest anthropomorphics/furry convention in the world.

Please be respectful of others when posting, and keep all posts community-appropriate (i.e. no insulting or private drama on here). If your post is particularly long, it would be greatly appreciated if you could use an lj-cut.

Other places where we can be found on the web:

- Follow us on Twitter: @Anthrocon, @AnthroconDances, @Anthrocon_Alley
- "Like" us on Facebook
- Join our group on Facebook
- Drop by on Google Plus
- Ask a question on our forums
- Watch our videos on YouTube
- Look at photos from past conventions on Flickr.

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