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Super Toony Badge Pre-Order special!!

Hey folks! Fitzroy Fox here!

All this May and possibly June, those attending Anthrocon can pre-order Super Toony badges for only $10!! Yep, that's $5 off my regular price!!

Here's some examples:

This special is for AC attendees ONLY, so they can pick the badges up at the con. I will disclose to those people where to pick them up at the con.

SO. I'm opening 20 slots. One badge order per person so everyone gets a shot. When I'm done with those 20, I may open more if time allows. First come, first served basis.

Note me on FurAffinity or message me here on LJ with your refs and I'll respond with my PayPal. I add the PayPal fee, so the total will be $10.61 so please add that and select "Goods or services" when paying, thanks! :-)

Anthrocon 2013 Conbook Seeks Artwork/Writing Submissions

Anthrocon is currently seeking submissions of artwork, fiction, photography, and articles for publication in its 2013 conbook. The Anthrocon conbook offers an excellent forum for artists and writers to showcase their talents to their peers. To make contributing to the conbook easier, a file-uploading site is available. Anthrocon asks for non-exclusive print rights for submitted works. The artist or author may publish the submitted work in any other fashion; previously, at the same time, and after.

While we welcome any submissions of most any nature, please be aware that priority may be given to those works that complements the theme of the convention, 'The Fast and the FURRRious.' All submissions should be in the 'G' to 'PG-13' rating.

For complete guidelines and release form, check out the Anthrocon Conbook Submission Guidelines page at

Submissions are due May 4, 2013.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Anthrocon 2013 hotel reservations are now OPEN!

You can now begin to make your reservations at all of Anthrocon's six hotels for Anthrocon 2013. All hotels have availability as of right now. Remember, if your favorite hotel is not appearing, try shortening your stay. It is possible that a hotel may be sold out on just one night (usually Wednesday or Sunday). There's a good chance (although no guarantee) that we can stretch an existing reservation by one night.

VERY IMPORTANT: All of our hotels share the same housekeeping policy. Even if your room is not to be serviced, a housekeeper must still knock on the door at some point just to make sure there's no dead bodies or tarantulas in the room. Also, all hotels require a one-night room and tax pre-payment for every reservation. It may not show up immediately on your statement so do not panic if you do not see the charge for a week or two. As long as you have a confirmation, then you have a room.

If you agree to those very important points, then here is the link:

Don't forget: We have TWO Marriott hotels. Make sure you know the difference between the Courtyard by Marriott (close by) and the Marriott City Center (a little bit further).
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AC rates go up starting on January 1st.

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*Chiarack Obamongoose approaches a podium with dozens of microphones*

My fellow anthropomorphs, I have come here today on a matter of great importance. In these trying economic times, when we all must balance our budgets and make do, we've got to raise convention prices. On January 1st, there is no other option: We must go over the furscal cliff.We must raises prices to $50 for Attending, $100 for Sponsor, and $200 for Supersponsor.

But if you register for Anthrocon today, December 31st, you can avoid that, and keep your hard-earned money to stimulate our economy. You too can make a difference in your own financial future! All you need to do is visit And all anthropomorphs will benefit from this stimulus, from the poor to the rich, from the merely attending to the Supersponsors, and even the Dealers. That's right, Dealers as well can register at these lower prices as well, and complete their table purchase later. Attending or Dealer price is $45; Sponsor or Dealer/Sponsor is $95, and Supersponsor or Dealer/Supersponsor is $195. In addition, upgrade costs will remain the same even if you upgrade after the January 1st deadline!

Going over the furscal cliff is a scary thing. You'll have a whole $5 less at Anthrocon. That's five index card badges from Gideon! That's two buttons at that table with all the buttons! That's your Venti frappuchino! With such dire personal cost to you, you ought act today and register for Anthrocon 2013!

Visit today, and cast your vote for attendance at the world's largest furry convention! Thank you.
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Anthrocon has hit the big time!

You know you have hit the big time when foreign spambots start using your name in the text for their search-traps:

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"It is somewhat apparent that your Dordogne area from Spain are not defeated. To begin generally dreamed of a fantastic barbecuing adventure. Place discounts on your commitment cartomancy. To keep the idea effortless, if you are an Anthrocon master you must put yourself in these sneakers on the new owner and determine what you want to know about the dwelling before you decide to made a decision to part with their money.

I want a suck tumbler holder, now.