paradox (film2edit) wrote in anthrocon,

"Furries wave to POTUS in Pittsburgh"

By: Nikki Schwab and Katy Adams | Examiner Staff Writer Follow Her @NikkiSchwab | 06/26/11 8:05 PM
President Obama received an unusual greeting when he arrived in Pittsburgh on Friday to talk tech at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute. The presidential motorcade, as it wove its way through the downtown area of the steel city, was waved at by "furries." Furries, you say? Well, since 2006, fans of animated cartoon animals have gathered in Pittsburgh for an annual convention. Many sport plush tails or full costumes (think: college mascot) as they look at artwork, take puppetry classes or sing "furrioke." A pool reporter noted the strange sight, saying she figured they were furries by their animal-like garb.

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