Samuel Conway (unclekage) wrote in anthrocon,
Samuel Conway

How the Westin fared on February 2 (Warning: Contains SCIENCE!)

We had been worried that the rush would fill the Westin to capacity in minutes. As it turned out, they continued to take reservations into the following morning. The last rooms were sold (and the hotel even stretched our room block a bit) about 24 hours after the reservations opened.

Scientists love to make graphs. Here's a graph of % of room block allocation for each day of the convention vs. the number of hours after February 2, 0900 h.

What we learned:

1) Our estimate of the demand for rooms for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights was spot on.

2) Obviously there is a higher demand for rooms on the Tuesday before the convention. We'll try to get more rooms in 2011 on that date, but it is very dependent on what sort of group is in the hotel ahead of us and when they move out.

3) We overestimated the demand for rooms on the Monday following the convention, so next year we are probably going to have fewer of those on our contract.

Anthrocon is dedicated to continual improvement each year. We will use this data to fine-tune our registration process as we plan for the future.

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