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Anthrocon 2009 Highlights Video Contest -- The Winners!

The winners of the Anthrocon 2009 Highlights Video Contest have been decided!

Our esteemed guests, Bob Balistreri, Bob Boyle, and Joe Harris were kind enough to watch all the videos and render their decisions regarding whose highlight videos posted to YouTube kicked the most tail.

We were all very impressed with the quality of videos everyone submitted... thank you all for participating!

As promised, the creators of the top three ranked videos will will receive:
  • a 2010 Anthrocon Super-Sponsor membership (Grand prize),
  • a 2010 Anthrocon Sponsor membership (First Runner-up),
  • or a 2010 Anthrocon Attending membership (Second Runner-up).


Special Mention

Coyoty/CoyotyDave, "Anthrocon 2009 - Attack of the Painters"

Blitz Wolf/BlitzWolf96, "AnthroCon 2009 - OMG Aliens!"

Xerxes Qados/Plankhead, "An Anthrocon 2009 Retrospective"

Second Runner-up - 2010 Anthrocon Attending membership

Big Blue Fox/FelixGubbo, "Anthrocon 2009 - The Highlights"

First Runner-up - 2010 Anthrocon Sponsor membership

Oreo/OreoTheWolf, "Anthrocon 2009 - Invaders Must Die"

Grand Prize - 2010 Anthrocon Super-Sponsor membership

CraftyAndy/RottenEggCreations, "Anthrocon 2009: OMG Aliens Highlights Reel"

Congratulations, all!

Thank you all for your hard work, and see you next year!

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