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Anthrocon post mortem...

Okay its been two weeks now that I've been putting this off. So as I sit here watching the smoke from my Camel Turkish Royal drift lazily around the neck of my Stratocaster, I think I'll post my experience for you all to enjoy. Sardonic and I arrived around 7PM on Thursday to the Days Inn on Bank something road the room was tiny and the beds were hard. We got strange looks from the lady behind the counter when we asked for a taxi to the convention center. The way she looked at us was as if two blood covered maniacs just asked for her to step into the back room with them. Anyway we got to the convention center at 8ish and got our badges. The line was short so I'm definitely going to preregister again for next year. After that we visited the zoo where it seemed like noone wanted to talk for more then 3 seconds. So we stood in the connecting bridge all night talking to some guys and watching the storm. We managed to flag down a taxi after an hour wait that night and went back to the hotel slightly disappointed with the first night of the con. Friday morning we awoke with high hopes and drove into town instead of paying for a taxi. I must say that the rest of the weekend was much better we tried to cram as much as we could into each day. People were also much more sociable as well. Props goes to the con staff and speakers for an awesome line up of programming from Friday on. I almost had to be in two places at once to attend everything I wanted to. Some of my favorites were; opening ceremonies, metal furs, 2's rant, uncle kage's story hour, the gameshow and the charity show. There were a bunch of other things I did but I think I waisted enough of your time with this post. Also if you ran into me during your travels about the con give me a shout on my journal.

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