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rainbowBoingeyFerret summarizes Anthrocon 2008 inna quicklist

high points:
  • meeting new furs
  • quality time with "old"/pre-existing friends, particularly geeking out with Fizz otter (I've been waiting a YEAR for that opportunity since first seeing his Chromatail!)
  • the best dining EVER (thanks to friends "in the know")
  • continued cheap dining thanks to Steel City Diner and Francisco's
  • finally getting a fursuit migration tag
  • seeing an entire family at the diner with wolf tails
  • the wolf-tail little girl who got to play with all the fursuiters
  • being in Magnus' masquerade skit
  • the custom key-cards THAT WE GET TO KEEP!
  • the 2 headless lounges and the awesome multi-head-cooler
  • sharing the drive to & from Anthrocon with a fellow fursuiter (plotting deviously devious future skits all along the way)
  • staying overnight at Skywize's afterwards (6 sweet ferrets and many cats & dogs living together in harmony!)
  • getting a quick swim (water weezil that I am), but it was LONELY in that lap-only pool
  • Firehopper giving me MORE BLINKIES!
  • all those who supplied me with caffeinated beverages
low points:
  • missing Nonsanity's panel
  • my charity auction donations did not yield much in bids
  • few open room parties
  • paying $45 for parking Thur-Sun because I didn't find the cheaper lots when I arrived in the rain during a baseball game in the nearby stadium

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