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Anthrocon 2008 Out of Context Quotes

A regular feature of our working a convention is the Out of Context Quotes list. These are things said in or around Con Operations during the weekend. Some are truly anonymous, ie, we don't know who said it. Some have had the names removed to protect the guilty. And some of the guilty just don't care.

I'll have a second batch in a few days, once I know who needs to be anonymized.

Unknown: “My ass is echoing”

Carol Gobeyn: “I have to go see my Willy.”
Rene Gobeyn: “You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out.”

Unknown: ”I get paid very well to beat men.”

Unknown: “Get on the radio and call me dirty names."

Joanne H: “I’m on the hotel, where do you want me?”
Grant M: “Where’s your room?”

Ann Passovoy waving threatening fan at fursuiter: “Be nice or Mommy smack.”

Conversation: 3 attendees, in 3rd floor elevator lobby. Elevator comes down, opens and is empty. Attendee 1: “Let’s get in, ride it down, and then back up.” He and attendee #2 get on elevator.
Attendee 3: “Don’t do that, they’ll just make you get off on the 1st floor.”
Attendee 1: “No they won’t.”
Sgt Steve (passing behind attendees 1 and 2): “Yes I will.”
Attendees 1 and 2 back out of elevator.

Unknown, to Furp: "Put the artificial penis back in your medical bag."

Unknown: “That’s the difference between eccentric and asshole”

Sgt. Steve: “You are so fucked.”
Tina: “Yeah, and not in the happy fun way either.”

Unknown: “Someone get Steve a Playboy, his testosterone is low.”

Skippy: “It’s really hard to the have a Man to Man conversation with a guy dressed like a Dingo”

Colin Lamb, by telephone from Florida: “I never thought I’d say this, but I’d rather be at Anthrocon.”

Gooch: “What’s with the obsession with the gloves?”
Steve: “Here… let me show you.” SNAP

Furp: “Now that I've worked with Doctor Bob, I've made him moan with pleasure…”

Furp (later): "All I can say is that when I made Doc [Bob] Passovoy moan in pleasure, I had both hands on him."

Heard in hallway: “Put your fingers underneath here and pull my face down.”

Furry: “Dude, can I ask you a question?”
Gerry: “Sure.”
Furry: “Are you Philipino?”
Gerry: “Yes.”
Furry: “Awesome! That’s six!”

Attendee, to nurse: “Wow, that was such good advice, keeping him over the toilet.”

Steve: “That wasn’t much foreplay, Dan.”
Dan: “I’ve been married a long time, I know where to push.”

Sgt Steve: “Why don’t you come over here and stick it in.”

Tina: “Anthrocon is kind of like childbirth. At the time, it’s difficult and painful. A year later, you’re enthusiastic again.”

Mike Garrison (to Sgt. Steve) “What are you good for?”
Furp: “I asked that question, and now I’m on antibiotics.”

Unknown: "I have to start drinking better scotch, cause this is younger than my wife."

Unknown: "Smacking him and porn are not mutually exclusive!"

Sgt Steve: "Within limits, it's good to get Uncle Kage excited."

From the cause of much of previous year's drama: "How come there's not as much drama this year?"

Unknown attendee: "Huskies are the new fox."

Anonymous (archly): "Is somebody's gaydar off?"
Staffer: "GEN-dar. GEN.dar."

Dan (referring to a tight-assed attendee): "What is that guy doing here?"
MarkO: "Converting from a tight end to wide receiver."

First-year staffer: "I got scratched by a couple of catgirls, but I couldn't tell what gender they were."
Kay: "Bad gaydar?"
Dan: "Bad GEN-dar. Bad GEN-dar."
Kay: "Think of it as a plate of pickles. Take the ones you like, leave the others alone."
Dan: "If there's a pickle, you probably don't want it."

Tina: "Where's a fucking riding crop when you need one?"

She: "I'm not drunk enough to do this."
He: "What are you drunk enough to do?"

Eric Long: "He either needed more to drink or better medication."

Someone describing Mach: "He's a jailhouse straight."

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