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Series of AC posts that I just figured out how to post to the anthrocon group

Hey all!  While I was at Anthrocon I made a bunch of posts saying what a great time I was having, but I hadn't yet figure out how to post them to the group.  So here they are.  The cut titles are the titles of the posts.  (Censored from the originals since I'm not sure what the policies in this group are :-P)

... and I've already made Kage sad.  :-P

Swift, Peter and I were standing outside their room along with a few others that were one door down from them, and these other folks mentioned that Kage was staying on the same floor, one more door down in fact.  Lo and behold, five seconds after this comment is made, Kage walks by us, with a slightly depressed look on his face -- "Are the Yankees gone yet?"

Of course, I open my stupid mouth, and since I'd seen the schedule... "No; their game starts at 7 tonight."  Kage, having passed us at this point, stops, slumps his shoulders, tips his head forward, and continues walking, but more slowly.

I'll have to buy him a bottle of Sake [ giza... what does he like? :-P ] and apologize profusely after I see Story Hour.

This connection apparently "expires" on midnight on Saturday (whatever that means), so, to anyone reading this:  If you don't hear from me between Saturday night and Monday afternoon, that's why.

In other news -- Anthrocon is fantastic.  And it hasn't even started yet.

EDIT:  Oh -- Doubletree, 1504.

*squee*!!!!  Bed time.

And I think my "furry name" will just be "Woods".  I was tossing a few things back and forth, including several words involved in the Hungarian translation for "dhole" -- voros farkas is a rough translation and literally translates to "red wolf".  Could go with "Voros", which is pretty cool, or possibly something from "Azsiai Vadkutya"; only problem there is that I don't know what "vadkutya" actually means.  But tonight in the open gaming room, playing the drums for Ballroom Blitz, the person on vocals was naming the other bandmates off rather than saying the actual names in the opening (where the actual lyrics are "Ready Steve?  Andy?  Alright fellas, let's go!"), and he looked at my conbadge and said "Ready, Woods?" and that moment just solidified one of the other thoughts I was tossing around:  My given name is just fine.  I'll keep it.

I attended four panels today:  The opening ceremonies, "So this is your first furry con?" (run by Kage and 2, FANTASTIC), Furs in the Videogame Industry, and Uncle Kage's Story Hour.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself at all four, as well as at the furtopian Meet 'n' Greet, where we went to a great place called Big Momma's House of Soul for dinner.  It's a walk from the convention center -- 7 blocks east and look to your left -- but it is made of win.  It's a barbeque place, and every dish there was excellent.  When we got there (like fifteen of us), we walked in and the guys behind the counter just had this completely astonished look on their faces.  I thought it was the suits that got the reaction; it was, but not in the way I'd originally thought -- "There's a whole crowd of you guys around the side".  So, we walk around the side, and lo and behold there are more furtopians there!  All in all there were thirty-plus furs all eating at this one place and having a grand old time.  They even wanted pictures!

I look very forward to 2's show tomorrow.  For tonight, I must be turning in.  Fantastic con is fantastic; tired dhole is tired.  Good night.

[ edit before post: 1 hour ] ... and (in general) do whatever I want.

That's been most pleasant thing about the convention for me over these last two and a half days -- I look around, and, like many new furs, I feel right at home.  I feel like what I'm seeing is what I'd like to be around me all the time.  People wearing tails, ears, paws, full suits, whatever they feel like, and everyone's open and accepting about everything -- and NO ONE EVER FIGHTS -- and I could go on and on and on but the truth is words simply can't describe it.  For those few who read my journal that aren't furry or haven't been to a con: imagine the most content you've ever been, and multiply that feeling tenfold.  You might approach what it feels like for a new fur at Anthrocon.

Truth be told it's hard to believe that two days of this thing are over.  But I've got one more day left, and I plan to enjoy the heck out of it.

Woods -- dhole, fur, and happiest person on the planet -- signing off.  Good night. [ edit before post: good morning! ]

[ edit before post: this was supposed to go up last night but livejournal wasn't cooperating... ]

God, where do I start for this post?

Oh, here's a good spot:

HOLY HELL, I JUST ATTENDED A FURRY CONVENTION.  Loved every waking second, of course, as I said last night this morning.

This one hit me, oh, today during Closing Ceremonies?  Yeah, end of the con and it hits me THEN that I was just at a furcon.  Probably because it didn't feel like a convention -- it felt more normal than any vacation I've ever taken.  It felt like home.

I'm still sitting here basking in how good this feels.  Arriving on Thursday, seeing all the suiters and tails and ears and pure glee everywhere...  Friday, having dinner with the Furtopians at Big Momma's, cramming eleven people into the big revolving door all holding hands -- and it didn't stop! -- listening to Kage tell stories... Saturday, talking with Heather Bruton and commissioning my first conbadge, listening to 2 rant... and today.

Closing Ceremonies.  Heh, I was a bit depressed, as you might expect.  I teared up quite a few times during the closer, and several times I wasn't sure why.  Probably tears of joy.  Then I hung out with Swift, Peter, Maakus, Kelby, and Will at Bucca di Beppo and stuffed myself full... I could mention a potential meme here but I'll leave it for someone else.  Will, you know what I'm talking about.  :-P

As I was walking back to my hotel, I chatted with another fur a little about the convention, and because of the pace I was walking he ended up separating with who he was walking with.  After a minute or so he bid me farewell and slowed to let his friends catch up.  I turned the corner and went up the little path, and turned around to see if they were turning the corner too.

What I saw I think I'll never forget.  To anyone else, I'm sure this will be completely insignificant, and as I'm writing this I'm not really sure why it stuck out.  I saw someone jog by the intersection where I'd turn the corner.  All I could see was a silhouette, but it was light enough to clearly make out a thinnish tail swaying behind them.  I turned back around, kept walking, and laughed out loud into the night, and fully realized for the first time that I was happier than I'd ever been.

I just typed a really neat paragraph that ranted about stupid society-made-up rules and how they suck -- and it even included a purple laser vomit reference -- but I think I'll close on the following instead:


As I was packing to leave Pittsburgh this morning, this one hit me.

Thank you, Uncle Kage, for doing what you do.  I don't mean running a great convention -- in our little chat and in numerous other little chats with other furs throughout the con, you assure everyone that what you do is "dog dick".  Even though I don't believe that for a second, I'll humor you and not thank you for that.

Thank you, Uncle Kage, for being who you are.  For being Uncle Kage.  For telling your stories.  For making us laugh.  For being so eccentric and uplifting and hopeful -- and inspirational.  Anthrocon simply wouldn't be the same without your personality.  Dare I say, the entire furry fandom wouldn't be the same without you.  If you're reading this, you're probably holding your lab coat over your face with one hand like you always do when you're embarrassed...  But really.  I had such an awesome time this weekend, and even if you have little to do with the running of the actual convention, I can most assuredly say that you had a large hand in my enjoyment of the convention.

Oh, and thanks for running a great con


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