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First con thank-you's

 Well, first of all I'd like to say that AC 08 was a dream come true for me. I've been wanting to go for over 6 years now and to finally have the freedom and ability to go was just amazing. I'd really like to thank  Uncle Kage, Giza, and the rest of staff, directors board, and the volunteers for all of their time and effort that they put into making this years Anthrocon so awsome. I'd also like to thank all the artists I met, especially Final Flight (because she made my first con badge and I got the most comments on it ^^) and Vinci and Arty for being such sweethearts. A real thanks goes out to my best friend Blinque and our other roomie Scott for helping get the hotel room and making my first con all the more enjoyable. And lastly, I would love to thank Rew and Kiro for being so awsome and friendly, especially during their 1 year anniversary, as well as D-Chan, Sofur, Flain, Tenza, Spookaboo, Quill, Gel, and all the huskys at the husky social that made me feel so special that day. 

I really enjoyed my first con and came to a realization that I'm sure almost everyone, at one time or another, comes to at some point in their life as a furry. On Sunday nights last dance, I was dancing and having a good time and generally enjoying myself for at least an hour and a half. When I finally decided it was time to go collect my sketchbook from Spookaboo I stopped at the exit of the dance and looked around, observing what was going on. It hit me like nothing I'd ever felt before. Just the sight of everyone having so much fun, being care-free, couples dancing together in and out of fursuit...It made me cry tears of joy because I realized that this was the place where I belong. It was the most touching sight that I'd ever seen in my eighteen years of life and I'm still crying every time I think about that moment. Truly, these happy memories will stick with me forever until my time is up and I must move to the next life. But until that time comes, I plan on enjoying every Anthrocon and the company of those that make me the happiest. 

I apologize for making something a little long and emotional, but I just thought I'd show a little appreciation for everything that made my first con something that will stick with me forever.

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