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Convoy Davenport

Anthrocon Break Down.

 Well AC is over and done with and im home again. So lets start this from the beginning......

     Thursday mornin at 7:45 AM my flight departed for Philadelphia (ironic that its where AC once was), got there 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Of course that just meant that my connecting plane was in a holding pattern and arrived at the gate late. Luckily the pilot was a man on a mission and pretended to be a NYC cab driver flying full tilt to Pittsburgh and making up the lost time. Then i got my bag and headed outside to catch the $2.60 city bus, irritating the driver by not getting my money out fast enough. Fortunately things got better when i got to the hotel. My room was all ready for me and i quickly dropped my bags off, got into Convoy's denim outfit and went about enjoying the con. I walked around saying hi to people i knew and meeting new people. Later on that night i went to dinner at the Fish Market resturant at the hotel, and explained to two business men from Long Island what exactly was happening at the Westin. Oddly enough one guy had been to Chicago during the time of MFF and was intrigued. Then later on i went down to the dance and jammed for a little while then hung out with Lilifox who was quite fond of my car drawings and thus requested a 66 Buick Special to look like Lili. Kind of a big car for a small fox. But who can argue with a high voiced Artic Fox? Then i went to bed........

     Next day i went to breakfast at the Steel City Diner. That place was JAMMIN! It was so busy when i got there at 11:20 AM that i didn't get my food till 12:45 PM! Luckilly i got my food for free. Then later on i went to the fursuit meet & greet which was a blast. Incidently the traveling Souja Boy troop (and you know who i mean) were walking round and spontaneously craking that soldier boy. And the FM&G was no exception. I saw Antimon's lion there, not realising exactly how close i was going to be to that cute kitty. Anyways a lil bit later a group of suiters including, Tilt (Greifer), Foxwell, Sammy Stripes, Axel Wolf, Sporty Fox, BBF, Eisbar, etc, and myself went down to the Tonic to have a few drink. It was fun entertaining the people whos table we got (they kept calling Foxwell, Tony because he was orange). I also got to see how spontaneous Foxwell can be as he jumped into a lady's Volkswagen Beetle after i jokingly asked if she wanted him to get in the car. We all laughed and we had fun. I embarassed myself by doin my impression for BBF of President Kennedy at the Berlin Wall (its gonna be in the film i just know it). Then i went down to the fursuit friendly dance which rocked. Its been a while since i went to a foggy dance. Reminded me of the clubs i used to go to. Hung out with Antimon in his Bunnyroo suit. Took more pics and snuggled a bit till i went to bed....

       Saturday was probably the best day yet. I went to the fursuit parade and took pics and film and stuff. Then i had lunch with Antimon and some of his friends. It rained so i had to run back to the hotel with my Happy Feet Slippers under my shirt and barefoot. Concrete pavement hurts. The i hungg out at the zoo with him and was talking to him about fursuiting. See i had made a somewhat semi-probable plan with Electropaw. I was hoping to fursuit as his doggie Champ. What i didn't realise was the number of people ahead of me on the Fursuit-As-Champ line. And it was Saturday, my last night because i would leave the next day. So Timmy and i were talking and if you were at the Fursuit friendly Dance that night or walking around the main concourse of the con center outside the rave, you probably saw two different Antimons walking around. Antimon Meerkat and Antimon Lion. Guess who was Antimon Lion? *billions of arrows point at me* Yep. It was my first time in a full-on fursuit and it was a total blast. It was much more comfortable and less hot than i thought it was gonna be. But then again im used to direct  heat from working outside in partially polyester uniform. I loved every second of it. I've always RPed as a wolf, two of my characters are wolves. But from 10:00 PM to 2:30 AM i was a full blown feline. I sat on all fours, groomed myself and mewled quite a bit. Plus i took alot of my friends by surprised when they saw MY badge round my neck.

     Sunday- The last day for me, i packed my things, checked out, checked my bags and did one more lap around  the con, stopping by the Dealers Hall to pick up the drawing i comissioned from Silent Ravyn whiuch i LOVE. I then ran into Tilt and Foxwell and hung with them during the games untill 3:30, at which time i had to catch the shuttle back to PIT. I then returned home and dropped dead in my bed.

So to make a long story short this years AC was probably the best one that i have attended so far. Hopefully i will make next years as well! Laters!


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