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I came out of hiding for just one weekend.

At the last possible minute Decided to go to AC before heading off to My Roller Coaster Vacation.
I wanted to meet the Guest of Honor 'Rob Paulsen' and try to find a copy of 'Blacksad #3'
I Failed at both but it did not matter. His line was longer then for Space Mountain on the 4th of July.
I had not been to an AnthroCon in years.
Best way to describe it... ok... Your at a buffet and you can usually eat about 3 or 4 helpings.
This con is like force-feeding 20 plates all in one sitting.
I just cannot eat that much.
I am stuffed... cannot eat another bite.

Congratulations to the team that put this uncatigorical event together.
Guests of Honors, amazing. The best of the best. (And the original reason for me attending)
Rob Paulsen was so refreshing and inspiring. (Needless to say, my favorite voice actor) ;)
I went to all his lectures. What an amazing person.
The events were tight, on time, well run. High quality shows and lectures. I learned allot.
Staff really went out of the way to make the guests feel special and were very thankful.
Regardless of the size, its amazingly personal.
It was VERY Profesional and didn't have that "sleazy feeling."
The artists are all prodigies. I am humbled.
The guests were close to 3,000 of the nicest nicest nicest people I have ever met.
Every single one of them.
I could not walk 5 feet through the lobby without being greeted by some smiling face who recognized me. (Very Flattered) :>
There were several I wanted to greet but... I felt like I was always being pulled into 4 different directions at the same time.
The costumes are Hollywood quality.
As the i-phone is changing the changing the face of the telephone, AC may do the same for fan cons.
The whole damn local town is changing for the weekend. Local restaurants are open special hours and throwing con themed parties?? Making special AC T-shirts to sell. Renaming the menus. ... the hell? O_o
Looks like what the media had tried to ridicule has backfired and now turned the AC con goers into celebrities.
Local bars are greeting the attendees with special events and recognition. etc, etc. I had never seen anything like this before.
That's it in a nut shell, going on would become redundant. You get the picture.
My only constructive crit would be for the Elevator Nazi Dorsai to Lighten up. Your not presidential body guards.
Stop talking "down" to the guests. Very rude.
So outside of that. To all the Anthro Con Team *Standing Ovation*.
I met so many damn nice people I am numb. Weather we got to eat together, pass in the hall, ride the elevator together, or met for the very first time.
Thank you.

*Jumps back off the face of the Earth*


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