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Ah where to start.....I guess the begining is best. :3

Pittburgh was a blast, and this was deffinetly the best con ever. The place is freekin huge. I was on the 8th floor, and for those of you keeping track, that's 112 stairs from the 3rd floor...I should know, I counted them enough. I believe there were 96 stairs in the convention center to get up to the ballroom and down the dealers room too....but that's if you take the stairs and not the escalator.

Anyhow, the food in the area was awesome. A chinese restaurant right around the corner, subway, mcdonalds, and PRIMATI BROTHERS! I always wanted to try their sammiches, and by ghod himself, they were freekin' fantastic! I had the bacon sammich, and ghod.....*mouth waters at the thought*. There was also a few restaurants in the hotel. The pizza wasn't that awesome, but the little cafe on the ground floor had the best muffins. 1 muffin + 1 milk = Under 3$ for breakfast.

And yes, I did see the protestors. It was rediculous and I ignored them. But it was great to see all the stuff that came out of it. Like Kage protesting with them in the rain. X3

During the con, I saw LOTS of suiters. All time record of them too, and that was just the ones who actually participated in the parade; 353. And yes, I was in it. :3 Though I've only seen 1 video so far of me in it, and the photo by IvyBeth bellow. :3
Anyhow, I got over my shyness around the suiters that I had in previous cons. I just want to hug them so much, so I did. Most of the suiters are good sports about it to as long as you don't jump out that out of nowhere....I'm talking to YOU Kyrin! :O But though I enjoy the hugs, I've never been one for extra touching, so I kinda still shy away from that. So after a hug a kinda say my thanks and let them go on their way. *^^*
And the gir hat showed up quite a lot too. And not just on my own head. It was lifted from my bag more times then I can count, but it's always fun to see it on suits, so I let it happen. :3

The dealer's room was packed from start to finish every day, artist alley too. And I never did set foot in the art show to be honest, didn't wanna look at all the nice stuff I'd never be able to get by auctiontime(some stuff ended up selling for crazy amounts).
And my proudest moment of fursuiting was getting asked a few times to take pictures. I loved it, though I'm sure I looked very ackward, my gloves had to constantly be tucked back into the shirt since they're short. It was nice to people wanted to take pictures of me, Jax did an awesome job, and it was worth the wait. :3
And the best prize of all, SIPPY WATER BOTTLE! <3 They were given out right before the parade, and I actually love mine to bits. I actually carried it around afterward, and since it was my first time suiting, I'm not used to the heat, so I had filled it with ice, then cold water, and rather then drink it constantly, I kept it against my body like an icepack. :3

Met lots of folks like I mentioned in my rundown post while I was actualy at AC. Too many to name is all honesty, so I'm not even going to try. You all know who you are, especially since some people I didn't even know when I encountered them until AFTER AC, like DrakeM0hkami. X3 I miss you all already, it was just so much fun.

I dunno if I will be able to get to next AC, but I do hope I can somehow pull it out of my ass again. But when this little guy showed up sunday night walking around with that thing, well, I knew I had to come back. :3 I don't know if I can, but I need to try, it's just so much fun, and I'll have my full suit. <3
So on the way home, I actually shared the plane to toronto with some furs(same ones I noticed on the way down that I said '...those are furries, I just know they are.' and I was right). Well, after getting off the plane in toronto, I get to hear the best quote ever.
"I just heard about something that happened in Pittsburgh that I never ever knew about. And I know I'm going to regret it."
"Why? What happened?"
"Something called anthrocon..."

And finaly, THE L33t L00t!
I actually held back on the spending this time around since I had limited funds. The fursuit was delivered just a day late due to the July 4th holiday, but Jax was awesome enough to include a new badge too(which I adore to bits, and people have expressed their jealousy over it. X3). Also got a brand new badge by a woman named "Quaylak" I believe. Not sure, need to look her up. Got a few buttons too.
Otherwise I got my regular amount of prints, about 5, and the Newds folio by Cooner. Also managed to pick up the ISO comics I was missing, plus one of Karno's new comics.
But the evils that be would not leave me be, for here at the con, was an anime dealer. And with her, CUBE PIGS! I HAD to get a pair. :D Also got a pair of notebooks with the same pig characters too.
And finaly, I got my volume 1 of Pinky and the Brain, and Animaniacs, signed by guest of honor Rob Paulsen. I didn't get to see his panels though, they were way too crowded, and my knee was acting up most of the con from so much walking and stair use. I'm considering asking for a lower room next time for health reasons, last thing I need is for my knee to go out while in the fire escape stairs...cement isn't really the nicest thing to fall on after all.
And last, but not least, my pilfered goods from the Westin. :D A pair of notepads, a pen, and a room card. X3 And, not pictured, a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and a bar of soap. I'm a nut, leave me alone. :O I didn't take anything that was of ACTUAL value. Just reminder type stuff.

So all in all, this is the best convention ever. And to those who complain it's getting too big, bite me. I love the chance to run into people I don't recognize, had to idea were there, or had plans to meet. It's what makes conventions so awesome, you never know 100% who's going to turn up.

Pointless thought of the hour: Whenever you try to focus on something, ghod will make it twice as hard for you to do so then when you're not trying to.

-Rak(The 3'9, Canadian, anthro dragon otherwise known as Rakeesh)

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