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Anthrocon's Coon Report

(er, make that Anthrocoon's con report!)
Part 1:
Anthrocon: it's something I look forward to all year long and it goes by so quickly. Stayed up all night Thu. so I wouldn't oversleep and miss my flight...went by Southwest (peanuts and soda for lunch) with a brief stop in Philly. Once I got to Pitt. airport things went fairly smoothly...

Got rental car & drove downtown. Checked into room and got my Con stuff...
first panel was Anthropoly (game show); not bad. Am using cass. and digital voice recorder to capture the fun. (Last year I parked in the conv. center garage but this year it's the hotel garage--saved $$ by doing that via discount coupon!)

Walked a mile or so to Buca di Beppo; there were 14 of us and we had a blast. Great food and fun, and not as costly as you'd think. When I got back I tried to watch 2 but was so tired what with staying up the night before so I went back to my room and rested up.
At 10 am a great panel with Rob Paulsen--how he got into biz, his voices (the nations of the world from Animaniacs, etc.)...lunch at
Pizza Parma

Afternoon: a bit of the pawpet free for all and a nice
panel on writing hosted by Rabbit. Thanks to the guy
who found the badge I'd dropped (bumped into him in
the line for masquerade)...Walked to see one of the
inclines ($2.25 round trip, and a transfer to the
trolley). Went back by way of train...nice view from
top of the incline! (Had eaten Chinese food; Liang's Hunan.)

We'll have to remember the train come next year for Buca.
We should take it from the corner of Wood St. and Liberty
Ave.; a few stops later and we're at Station Square.

Sat. night: the masquerade and Uncle Kage's Story Hour which
were both unbelievably entertaining! Masq.: Loved Dex; the various
skits/songs, and a time warp ending. Kage: another entertaining
show. I bought the DVD of his show from last year, including some
extra bits.

After a brief stop on the terrace roof (stargazing), back to the room.

SUNDAY: Rob Paulsen and Mark Evanier did a great panel on voice
acting in the Ballroom...registered for next year (of course) and
talked for a moment with Slothpuck. Lunch was really a second
breakfast (something hobbits like to have); an omelette at
Steel City Diner, which was about 90 per cent furs!

2 pm panel with Carolyn Kelly (Walt's daughter), Mark E., and Steve
from the Pogo Fan Club. Very interesting...later, the usual
Closing Ceremonies and feedback.

Stayed at the Motel 6 nr airport and left for New England the next
day. Another SUPERB Con!

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