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First Anthrocon, Report!

Back home for a day now, so it's time for one hell of a long AC Report from moi. I came all the way from Britain just to get to AC, and it was WORTH IT! I guess I have to post this twice for AC and my own journal so ignore the double posting thing =3

Getting there.
The trip out to Pittsburgh, all the way from Wales in Britain all by public transport really was quite a mad undertaking. But considering how badly planned it all was the trip over to silly old america wasn't all that bad, although it felt like years... didn't get to sleep at all for the 2 days I spent travelling. Beh!

Spent the 4th in the "Best Value Inn" just outside Pittsburgh Airport, nice place for the $50 it cost for the night!

Waking up on the 5th was quite bizzare, the first thing that hit me (Well, punched me in the face!) was the silly EST timezone. I didn't know where I was, or WHEN i was... which was interesting to say the least. I was quite worried about meeting [info]felixandrews and paranoidpanther (Pan) for the first time on that day, but after -stuffing- all my things back into my backpack (Yeah, hand-luggage only!) I was on my way into the city.

The Con!

You have no idea how creepy it was to first walk into the Westin, full of damn furries! For most of the first day I really didn't want to stay, I had nooo idea what I was doing there to be honest. But as the days went on I just really started to get into it, got to know the place, got to know some of the people around. Around here you just don't talk to strangers about anything, but at AC i often found someone i'd never met before suddenly talking to me about something incredibly geeky. That was just the most amazing thing, talking to strangers knowing you have at least a few interests in common. Started to feel right at home surrounded by nearly 3000 geeks X3

Meeting Felix and Pan was scary as hell to start with. Felix sent me a text message saying where he was and what he was wearing, so I went down to the lobby and spotted him walking around ( You walk funny, cat =P ) I think I had like 10 heart attacks in the first few seconds of meeting, damn that was weird talking to the guy from the Internet™. After a few minutes it started to sink in that he's really someone i've known for years XD

Hanging around with Pan was awesome as well, he's been to AC before, so he kinda knew what he was doing and seemed to know just about everyone and introduced me to quite a few other regulars. Overall the entire trip was possibly one of the best times i've ever had in my life, i'd almost say it was a life changing event. I'd say it's helped me become a little bit more open around people, maybe now I won't run off everytime anyone tried to hug me ._.'

Oh and Uncle Kage is a bloody genius!

Going home...

The trip home, oh boy... that was interesting to say the least. At 10:45am I noticed that my 5:30pm flight was in fact a 10:58am flight. ARGH! So that kinda resulted in me and Fee quickly heading down to the lobby ( Just stopping by on the 4th Floor to shout "POOL'S CLOSED!" XD ) and catching a taxi to the airport to get me rebooked, or something. Kind of a rushed goodbye to Pan, which was a bit rubbish but Pan's final words "We'll all meet up and do Fabi-Fee-Pan-Con!" kinda cheered me up a little considering the whole flight trouble.

Ended up being able to rebook my flight back completely for $25, and managed to catch a coach back home thanks to FeeFee booking that for me. Considering the problems I got home really easily and didn't take too much time.

Soppy Tiem now k:
I really wanted to stay so badly, I just felt right at home in Pittsburgh... not just the con, the entire area just felt really good. If I had the money I would instantly get a Visa and move to just outside of Pittsburgh, maybe I'll do it after University. America, while incredibly silly in some aspects, really is a brilliant place with some pretty damn amazing people! I actually had to try not to start crying, sitting in the plane back. I'm really gonna miss hanging around with Fee, Pan and "Short American Girl" (Erika?) as well as a few other guys who were around a lot of the time like Emy the Something, Something Tribble and Neo the Something... you guys all rocked XD (I'm bad with names, can you tell?) I'll really miss getting food at the Steel City Diner, hearing people randomly shouting out memes and everyone using their online names... amazing.

I will definitely be coming back next year, i'm not going to let anything get into the way of that! Nooo way, in fact... i'm gonna start booking things for next year sometime this month >_>;

And i'll be seeing Pan and Fee around soon, you're not getting away from me that easily!

So there you have it, lots of rambling on =D
I'll get a video of the trip edited in a few days, so look out for that!

Seeya'll in a year!

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