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The diary of a pooped wolf (x-posted to my own LJ)

Anthrocon 2007 report

As I have posted I went to AC07, which was my first non-technical convention to attend ever, my first time North of the Mason-Dixon Line, my first time meeting more furries than whaletrainer02 (Firekeeper), and the first time since I got married that I took a "vacation" without the family.
This was also my first time to go somewhere with the strict intention of sharing my faith with others in hopes of changing their mind about God. I got to share it with 3 furs and 2 Dorsai.

Woke up at 3:30am CST to leave for 4:00am. Got dropped off at the Baton Rouge Airport around 4:45am and sat at the airport till the plane left at 6:35.
Made it to Pittsburgh around 11:35am EST, and met up with whaletrainer02 and Keith. We shared a cab from there to the Westin.

The lobby was full of people wearing ears and tails, and some in full suit. We immediately found SpunkyWolf and Underwater Tiger hanging out.

Put our stuff away, picked-up our badges, and got some grub. While eating we ran into susandeer, and whaletrainer02 (Firekeeper) went all fanboy and wanted a picture. :)

We spent some time looking around for friends and then around 7:30pm met on the second floor near the piano. We spent a good 2 hours just goofing off with the fursuiters that happened to be there, including Zervon.

Goofed off around the Hotel and the town until midnight and decided it was time to turn in.

I got up around 6:00am and started my Bible study. The rest of the guys got up a little after 7:00am. At 8:30 we had our first Bible study for the weekend.
There were 6 of us:
Whaletrainer2002 (Firekeeper)
Jude the Rat
Mathias Rat

We listened to some words of encouragement from the Pastor of Chist Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach, SC and then went around the room giving our testimonies.

Went out for breakfast, and then to the opening ceremonies.
Afterwards we followed the herd into the Dealers Den and Artists Alley

Whaletrainer and I descended upon hollyann's table immediately. He bought a Sketchbook sketch and I bought both my cubs a Con badge.
Next I bought ears and a tail (I'll post a pic of that later), and then a conbadge from ESDA which she decided to do in watercolors. Awesome badge (many thanks and hugs to her for it) =^.^=

Went to a couple of panels, including MattRat's writing panels. I could just sit and listen to him talk about any subject, so much intelligence in such a small package.

Ran into Camstone for the first time in RL. Great guy. Awesome looking suit. He's a sharp dressed fox. :)

My tail got glomped by a young lady that wanted one just like it. I talked with her for a minute.

Shared my faith with a nice young lady while hunting down Firekeeper and Keith. Hope it helped, she sounded like she needed a friend at the time.

We ate dinner and hung out at the zoo for a while, also hung out near the piano and listened to MattRat et al play. Some wonderful musicians were there.

8:30 Morning devotional and then breakfast at the Steel City Diner. Bought their last XXL t-shirt. It's a little big, but everything else was sold out. Good vittles to.

Went back to the Westin and hung about in some of the panels, but mostly in the Dealer Den and the Artist Alley.
Watched the fursuit parade, and took some pics. Funniest fursuit was the "Halokitty" one. That's a masterchief suit with Lions ears and tail.

Got a few pics and headed over to the Westin for another panel that Keith wanted to hear.
I spent a little time zoned out on one of the chairs on the 2nd floor. Was nice to get off my feet for a few.

Went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. While there I got a call from a friend back home. 2 young ladies (both 17) had been killed in a car wreck. I knew both of them, and I knew their families very well. Over the course of the next few hours I received multiple calls from home letting me know more about what happened and how.
I went to the Masquerade (which was okay, some good, some didn't really entertain me, but were not bad) got a call in the middle of it from home. They had decided to cancel the youth trip to give the kids time to mourn the loss of their friends. My mate was near tears during the whole thing, and that wasn't helping me. It was about this time it really hit me that they were gone.
While waiting for Keith, MattRat and Ashen to make it over so I could show them their seats, I started talking to a couple of the Dorsai. I explained to them that I was a member of a Christian Furry organization, and then I shared a little about my faith. They seemed responsive. The gang made it and I took them to our seats in the 6th row.
Saturday night was not a great night for me, but I still managed to sit through Uncle Kage's story hour and laughed a few times. He was good, I just wasn't really in the mood.

I went to bed a little early knowing I had to get up at 4:30am EST to catch a 5:00am cab ride back to the Airport.

Quick goodbyes at 4:30am and then off to the airport. Plane ride was uneventful, 'course the plane could have taken a nose dive and I wouldn't have know, I was sleeping hard.

Got back to BTR and met the kids in the baggage area. I gave them their Webkins lions I bought them, and then after eating at Chilis I gave them their ears I bought.

For future reference, my daughter, Hisui, prefers a Raccoon fursona and my son, Saroo, a Kangroo. Now they have the ears to match, and soon they'll have the con badges. (Thanks HollyAnn).

There was a lot more than all that, but I'm too tired to try and type it all out, and honestly, who would want to read it?

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