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** Quick Anthrocon Report !

Well i arrived home last night at about 9:00 PM, after a very fun trip to Anthrocon ! I enjoyed this Anthrocon alot, ..more than most of the others in the past probally due to having the new Max suit there aswell.
Art show sales went very well, ( sold 13 out of 15 pieces, one sold in the 3 digit mark.) Furnation also sold a number of my Art CDs at their table. It was good to travel with friends Shadowspawn, Baby Tiger, Prplhaze, and another local i recently met Kohogu. ( i believed i spelled it right.. :P ) The trip down was good, no problems except for the GPS leading us on a back-country tip through the Amazon Rain forests.. :P
The Convention itsself was awsome, and the Fursuit parade, dance, Photos shoots, etc. all were great fun ! I bought a bunch of stuff there aswell from the dealers Room and art show.

- It was great to see and chat to alot of friends there that i havent seen in a long while, including Dark Natasha, Heather Brunton, Nexxus, Hunter, Pat, Sporty Fox, ferrin, Taurin Fox, Herbie Bearclaw, Xian Jauguar, Holly Ann, Big Bad Wolf, Chmarr, Furbo, Equino, Lionus, Tallyhawk, Torrle, Cashew Lou, Cnipur, Lyon, Arctic Wolf, Palladin, Canid Anubis, and hundreds more names i may have missed here ! ( post it here if i forgot you ! )

- Also it was awsome to meet some new faces aswell, including U/T Tiger, Flat Rat, Nbowa, Silver Fenrir, Damaratus, Striker Coyote, and a fiew more i may have met but didnt' know who they were. ( post here if you know you have met me there to remind me ! :)

- Also great to see some local friends there aswell this year, including Husker fox, Terry wessner, Pardus, Wookiee, Zazin, Tora, and the list goes on aswell !

As for the new Max suit it was a blast wearing it around the con, in the parade, photo shoots, rompings, etc. I will post photos very soon of the suit when i go through them. I have a collection of over 700 photos of Anthrocon this year, all compiled from about 5 different cameras ! I will pick through them to post the best ones soon aswell.
See you all there next year !

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