July 1st, 2008

Rennie (by Goldenrod) #1

AC08 Pics!


If anyone wants full resolution of any image posted, let me know.

From what I have observed, I'm anticipating to see lots of good pictures from many of you as I was constantly running into people with DSLR.

Other than that, it's quite a good con despite several misfortunes I encountered (lost eyeglasses, etc.). Reports will be in my journal as usual as soon as I'm fully recovered.


TK / Rennie

(no subject)

First off, THANK YOU to the person who turned my lost badge into con-ops. Just yeah.. thank you so much!

Moving along. :3
This was my first Anthrocon in suit, and it was most definitely the best AC yet for me.
I made so many wonderful new friends (HI!), and hung out with all my buddies from previous years.
Thanks to Kage and the staff!

So yeah, of course if you guys have any pictures of me.. Jai Dingo, in suit.. point me at'em. :D
Especially if you have any of the disembodied head trio of myself, Ooga the purple furry eater, and Tisket the white wolf.
blu spy

Finally! Pictures!

Finally got my pictures uploaded! -> http://picasaweb.google.com/pandalicious/Anthrocon2008

A lot of them are too bright because I was trying to compensate on the exposure and turned it up too high. Some of them are even garbled in places because I think my camera/memory card is getting old or something. I may try to reupload them.

If you see a picture of yourself, feel free to take it - I apologise in advance if you're in one of the photos that are too bright or are garbled. :C Also if you wish to identify yourself you can email me (pandalicious@gmail.com) and let me know.

Also looking for more photographic evidence of myself, though I was not in suit! (hellebore has a picture of my hand/camera, it's a start)
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by flamingmoes on LJ :) thanks!

The Five Pillars of Furry

1. All furries must testify that foxy fluffs are everything, and that huskies are the new foxes.

2. All furries must learn the lyrical, melodic, and choreographic structures of the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" to a proficiency such that he or she can recognize in short notice when a "Rick Roll" is being performed, and consequentially sing along, applaud, groan audibly, or otherwise react as appropriate.

3. All furries must obtain at least six hours of sleep, at least two square meals, and at least one shower, per solar day during all furry gatherings and conventions.

4. All furries must walk down any flight of stairs they wish to traverse, in an orderly and safe manner. Throwing oneself down, diving down, and otherwise tumbling down any flight of stairs is expressly prohibited.

5. All furries must make a pilgrimage to participate in the mecca known as Anthrocon at least once in their lifetime, if they are able-bodied and able to afford it.
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Pictures maybe?

Greetings fellow furs! I was wondering if anyone may have gotten pictures of my fursuit:

I was having issues with the head, so I wasn't able to suit too much, unfortunately (didn't even get to make the death march).


Thanks in advance!

Mix up!

I played Saturday @ 11pm. Thanks to everyone who came out and danced super hard for me, I love you all and it was great seeing every one of you there! You made me feel awesome.

You can download a poor quality recording of my set here. I am sorry for the low quality - it was a 100kbps mp3 that was burned to a CD and then ripped back to mp3. I promise you I'll have a better one up eventually.

Set list:

1. Goose - Bring It On Down (Acid Jacks Remix) [AC Edit]
2. Noisia - Gutterpump
3. Deadmau5 - Hey Baby (Burufunk's Dirty Mackin' Remix)
4. Chimera - My Agenda (Breaks Mix)
5. Pendulum - Propane Nightmares (VST Remix)
6. Dada - Lollipop (Club Mix)
7. Kaskade - Be Still
8. Atomic Hooligan - I Don't Care (Control vs. Pyramid Remix)
9. Far Too Loud - Play It Loud (Broken Robot Remix)
10. Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Redanka Remix)
11. Beat Assassins - Generation MTV (Plaza De Funk Remix)
12. Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria (Club Mix)
13. Dabruck & Klein - Cars
14. Noisia - San Francisco
15. Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy (Electro Mix)
16. Refunk - Mr. Mole (Rektchordz Remix)
17. DJ Joe K - Sambatukada
18. Madox - Heel of God

Need pics!!

YAY AC was soooooo much fun! My brain is bubbling. I'm am going out the door to work but wanted to catch pics as early as possible so I can add to my giant "Wall of Happy" photo board -please send me links!!! =)

Dewhusky seeking pics!

Great con! A little short, but great nonetheless. :) I had a wonderful time, met lots of people, and did lots of suiting. I can't wait to go back again next year. :) So now my main question: Does anyone have any pics or vids of me? Please share. :) I was the green and white Mountain Dew husky as this sample pic shows:

I'm looking for ANY pics or vids that people might have of me, but I'm also looking for a few in particular of the following:
* Pics or vids from the Fursuit Dance on Friday night. I was the one leading the "fursuiter train" around the dance floor and also waving the glow in the dark Mountain Dew bottle.
* Pics or vids from the Husky Meet & Greet on Sunday afternoon. Also looking for pics or vids of when the huskies crashed the Feline Panel, and also pics/vids of me and another husky friend who met and hugged 2 the Ranting Gryphon out in the hallway.

And here's what little pics I have to share.
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piano dog


I didnt have a camera there so I need to bum pictures off of you guys xD. If you have any pics of my suit, link them to me or send them to my email tankweiler@gmail.com

Thank you soooooo much!



Looking for people! O:

Finally back from AC ANNNNNND awake again after the huge ass drive. Can't say I had a WONDERFUL time at the con, but it was alright.

So I am looking for some people! O: I spent most of Saturday in the artists' alley doing BADGES. o: I found most everyone Saturday night and got emails but I'm still looking for one person. Does anyone know how I could contact someone with the badge name Ivan'ch? I have a phone number, but I'm really hesitant to call people that I don't know very well. So if anyone knows him, or sees this, please ask him to email me at gelly.bean.yote@gmail.com :D

also, thanks to everyone who commissioned me, cause it meant that we could pay for our hotel room XD

Can't brain today. I got the dumb.

We're all done with Anthrocon 2008.

Let me know what we can improve for 2009. We strive to make each year's convention better than the last and we count on your feedback to do so. Leave your comments on our forums, please. My mind is not in any shape right now to go searching for people's responses.

Also, please do not feel slighted if we do not give you a reply. We read everything, I assure you, but where many of you experience Post Con Depression, we right now are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress, so I ask you to trust that we will give every suggestion consideration and will do what we can to implement those that we feel are workable.

Looking for an artist

There was an artist I commissioned in the Artists Alley but he didn't make it on sunday, so I wasn't able to pick up (or pay for) a commission he was working on. The name was Rigel or something to that effect (spelling may be way off...). He was sitting next to Kahmari on Friday.


Many Thanks!

Wow! What a con! This year's AC was my first and I have to say I had a great time. It's hard to believe that the con flew by in a flash but it was well worth it. Many thanks to the staff who made it possible. I do have quite a few pictures posted up on my personal journal if anyone would like to view them. It is friends only but I'll be happy to add you to the list ;). I look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Edit: Photos can be found here :


Enjoy! :)
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Hi! Kiyoshi here! =3

Hey, this was my third year of AnthroCon, and first time suiting. Even though I didn't suit alot, I know people took pictures of me. Can anyone give me a hand and send me any pictures they have of me? =3

Here's what my suit looks like:

Pictures, Vids, anything! Please! =3

-- Kiyoshi Purrlop --
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Thank you for putting up with me.

AC was an amazing experience for me this year. I want to thank everyone outside the Westin in the smoker's area for putting up with my insane sing alongs again. If you walked outside and heard a group of people singing...loudly...I was probably the ringleader. I hope I at least entertained a few of you. I also want to thank those who came up and thanked me for entertaining you. Also if anyone got video of us singing, or photos, let me know, I'd like to watch me embarrass myself!

List of Artists Being Sought in Artists Alley

Hello everyone!

I'm the Anthrocon Artists Alley/Con Store Manager. At the end of the convention I rescued the Artists Alley bulletin board that we use to connect artists and customers from near the message boards at the Westin. I kept all of the notes that had useful contact information ("Room 1215 at the Westin" isn't that useful now, eh?), and I also have a few notes that came my way from elsewhere. Some of these notes may have already been responded to; if so, please disregard them.

If you are the person who is being sought in any of these notes, please contact me at alley-2008 (at) anthrocon (dot) org and I will pass along the contact information that I have.
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cause everyone is DOING EET.

looking for photos of this smelly gross roo. i liked to come up to people and rip out there guts with my feet. i didn't get any photos of my self but being my eyes are bleeding from all the photos i think SOMEONE had photos of me out there.

this is the suit in question.



my e-mail is: Midori_thunderwolf@yahoo.com
White Mage - Drawn by Mahrkale
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Please take our post-con survey!

60 surveys have been filled out so far. I've read every one, and have been taking detailed notes on things that we can do better to make Anthrocon 2009 even more fun.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, or just want to comment on some aspect of the con that you think went well, this is the place to do it. I will make sure that feedback left through that survey makes it to the appropriate department.


Looking for video

I did a small puppet video in the Lobby to Voltaire When your Evil with my new fox puppet. I was wondering who shot that video and if they could post a link to it here, or send it to me at silentpaw (at) yahoo (dot) com. I would really appreciate it if you could send that to me.
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Who is this? and friday rave photos

Christmas Light Suit

You were in a suit. You were covered. COVERED  in christmas lights in the rave Friday night. I followed you around and got trod on twice trying to get a good picture of you. I have several more for you, too. Get ahold of me!! YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME AND I ♥ YOU!!!!

Also: If the hot guy in the kilt wearing the Ensiferum shirt reads this? I LOVE YOU TOO - Thank you for wearing that shirt! We need more people knowing what Ensiferum is! I wore my Moonsorrow shirt for you on Sunday but I didn't see you :(Collapse )Collapse )
Trained lion

AC '08

AC '08 was a great con, though my aging body is starting to feel the affects of it. :=/

Next year don't be surprised to see this lion on a Segway. :=3
Actually, I think I'll open a Segway rental place outside of the con. :=3

The Rails-n-tails panel went well, though we did have a few technical problems. :=/
Hopefully it'll go better next year. :=3

I missed connecting with a few furs I wanted to meet up with. :={

Behind the cut are some pics I took. :=3
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Get your red hot Anthrocon 2008 pictures here!

My AC 2008 photo gallery now is online at http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g170/jangleradio/Anthrocon%2012%202008%20Pittsburgh/

And I posted another gallery of pictures of downtown Pittsburgh, convention center and other artsy-fartsy stuff here:

Videos will be coming as soon as I have time to edit and upload them. And I'm uploading them to Timduru's Fursuit archive, there's already AC 2008 photos online there.http://fursuit.timduru.org/view/

Feel free to use my pictures in your Live Journal, personal photo gallery or video, but please credit me if you do so. I cropped and shrunk the photos down to 1024x768 so they'd load up quicker for easier browsing and also used a little noise processing on some of them to clean them up. If you need the full rez version let me know.

Thanks for a great time! AC was an exhausting experience for me (I gotta get in shape for next year!) but really worth the time and money.

Enjoy the photos! And thanks to all the fursuiters who posed for them, you're beautiful!
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Art Show

I didn't attend AC this year. However, from what I'm reading, everyone there had a great time and that's good to hear.

My question though is about the art show and this is aimed more at the artists who participated in it as opposed to the con staff.

My primary goal for next year's AC is to get into the art show. I've already read the material on Anthrocon's website. Is there any advice that the art show participants can please offer?

My Post-AC

Makin' it quick to save on other's friend's list.

I loved this weekend, thank everyone that made it possible, I'm going to be coming back and making myself supersponser in the years to come.

I am looking for Dissy, a badge commish for my friend Makojin. I am looking for Moss, (Mosh?) who I talked about a fursuit with. I am searching for information to keep in contact with any of the random furs I talked to (Redheaded female with nub tail and ears on a hat)

I have pictures to develop, and then I'll post them here.
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Spring/Fall, Outside, Relaxed

AC was a blast

There's no need to repeat what many alre already saying about it. I did take lots of photos, but only a small batch made it into my year book of the convention. Video will follow soon (but only on my journal, not here).

There's so many photos though that I'll just post a link to the album they're in. If you recognize yourself, please speak up!

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(no subject)

Hi everybody!

Hope everyone had a great con. My friend Luna and I were sharing a table in the Dealer's Room (we were Doubletail Designs). Unfortunately I never got in contact with some people who commissioned me in all the confusion of finishing up on Sunday and I'm looking for some AIM names/e-mails so I can get in touch with them.

I am looking for:



If anyone can give me some contact info, I'd be really grateful. Also, if anyone needed to get in contact with me about commissions and didn't get through, my e-mail was down for a while. It's kristin@doubletaildesigns.com. :)

Thanks for your help!

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Thank you AC

Thank you Anthrocon for a great weekend, both staff, and attendee's alike contributed to my good weekend

I suited a lot, i had 5 of my critters with me, a Lion, Meerkat, 2 Lemurs, and a BunnyRoo.

While pics would be good, I'll find most of those on my own (asumign you post them) but what I am more interested in, are the experiences you had with me. So if you intereacted with any of my critters or enjoyed my apearences, do tell me about it :)

Another one looking for pics...

Hey everyone! Jil the Jew westie here! AC was a blast for me this year and I fursuited my tuchas off. :]

I was wondering if anyone got pics of this mohawked sabertoothed spottycat:


And also pics of this westie would be great.

If you could link them from here or drop me an email at jilduck@yahoo.com that would be fantastic.

Thanks for a great con! If we hung out at all during the con, feel free to friend me! :)
Thats Hawt FB

Sunday Night Furpile in The Lobby

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has good pictures, video, or a count of how many furs were in that Sunday night Furpile I started in the lobby? I was a little bit stuck under people to see anything other than camera flashes during those two hours.

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Ahoy, AC-goers!

This is Kilcodo. Some of you may have met me in person at the Artist's Alley on Friday and Saturday, or in suit as Roxie the punk-rock aussie girl. I had a total blast and it was really awesome meeting everybody. This was my first AC since 2005.
Here are some photographic aids to help you remember me: (my alley sign and my suit)

Just wanted to politely ask if anyone has any pictures of Roxie running around the con! She is only my second attempt at a fursuit and the ONLY fursuit I have ever worn in public. She was walking around Friday afternoon with Nate, who was in a white tiger suit, and then I danced a bit and ran around with my bff Evol (who was the hot pink otter) on Sunday night!

Also, a few people commissioned me who have yet to receive their artwork. I want you to know that I have everybody's contact info--however my luggage which contains them has been delayed. The luggage was supposed to be delivered today but it has yet to arrive. I will send e-mails IMMEDIATELY when I receive the suitcase! Don't worry, I have not forgotten about you!! :3

Thanks for the good times,
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AnthrocoooOOOoon boy-yeee!

Seux/Zeriara here, posting pix of my posse mostly. I'll have more soon. :3

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I have MANY MANY MANY MOREEE RARRGH. We had a lot of fun and YES, this was my best con yet. I didn't drink, I was well fed, and I made a little money... which is all gone. Thanks a lot Omni parking. BOoooo-urrrns.
flash drawing

My Weekend At Anthrocon

I'll try to keep this short; but not likely.

Thursday: Left 30th Street Station in Philadelphia by train at 12:42 PM. Like I said before; WAY better than driving. And cheaper, too! Never have I had such a relaxing ride across PA. At 8:00 PM the train arrived in Pittsburgh in the middle of the pouring rain! I managed to brave the elements during that one block walk to the Westin.

Friday: Had breakfast at Steel City Diner. First time there by the way. Saw the opening ceremonies. Bought stuff in the Dealer Room. Performed stand-up at Open mic featuring Jibba. I've always wanted to do stand-up and Anthrocon! Let's see...Anthropoly, Uncle Kage's Story Hour...Yeah, that was my Friday.

Saturday: I was playing with my digital camera and shot this shaky video-

*makes sure you didn't throw up* You okay?... Alright. Anyway, I bought more stuff in the Dealer Room. Saw the Fursuit parade. Saw Bucktown Tiger in concert. He rocked! Then I was interviewed by a couple of guys doing a documentary on different conventions. Then there was the Masquerade, 2's Rant, and the Comedy Improv.

Sunday: More stuff purchased in the Dealer Room. Saw "Memories with the Mouse" with Floyd Norman. Saw the last of the Fursuit Games. Then after the closing ceremonies I shot this other shaky video-

Monday: Took the 7:20 AM train back to Philly. At 3:20 PM took the train from 30th Street Station back to New Jersey.

In conclusion: Anthrocon was great. I can tell everyone else who went had fun. Hope to do it again next year.
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  • navajo

Lost camera

I had a blast at AC, but the worst thing to happen during the con was I lost my camera. I think I left it on the benches in that large hallway in the middle of the third floor in the DLCC, just before Kage's story hour.

Its a Kodak EasyShare Z740, silver, with a 1 gig SD card in it. I offer a $50 reward for its safe, working return, no questions asked.
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pensive coon
  • menokh

Request for "Jesus" and thanks.

First I'd like to thank Kage and the rest of the AC staff for throwing the best AC I've been to yet.  I had a blast, even if I was a little overwhelmed and am now very sore from all the walking.  I full well intend to attend again next year.

Now for my request, actually forwarded from a friend.  We are looking for all pictures of Jesus on Sunday night.  Yes that Jesus, if you saw him you know what I am talking about.  You might know him as Bathrobe or Bath Towel Jesus.  Here is the one picture we have managed to find thus far,

Thanks again.
Fishy Me

Because it is all about -me-

Just like everyone and there grandmother, if you happend to be lucky enough to catch a picture of -the- CATS suiter at the convention, would you be so kind to link me or e-mail it to me? The two in question are...



And of course the convention was a blast! Hope to see some of you at FurFright!
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no refills

small AC post

I have to say that I had a blast at AC this year and just can't wait to go again. I never was able to stay for the whole con until this year and I think that is the only way to enjoy everything. Plus I got my suit done in time so I can do a little suiting around the convention center and in the hotel too. We stayed at Double Tree which was a real nice hotel but had a little issue with getting to the gym where the pool was, but oh well. I had a blast in my suit, I am normally a shy person but once the suit went on I felt outgoing and even danced Friday in suit and Saturday without my suit. We did take a lot of video so we need to get that converted and posted soon and also the pics. If anyone did notice I was a black bear partial with green hair. I would have to say that the best part was at the hotel when a bachelorette party saw me sitting in my suit they stole me and got some pictures and a few other people as well. Also in the bar in the hotel, where they served me ^.^, I talked to one guy for a good 20 minutes on the fandom and was really interested about it and was talking how his kids would love that too. It was nice to find someone that wasn't biased and truly wanted to know more about the fandom.

I hope to have some pics and videos posted soon