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Programming Redux

Hi everyone,

As several folks have either figured out or stated already, I was the programming puppy for AC this year. There were a few issues that came up that I'm already addressing, but I'm still looking for more feedback on what to do to make Anthrocon even more fun for all of our attendees. I'd like to touch on a couple of items that have already been brought up so we don't duplicate efforts (please bear with me):

1. Spazfox Live: It became apparent that Spazfox's event was in a room that was entirely too small for the crowd. When the event was scheduled, Spaz and I talked about room size and I thought I had come up with a good space. I was wrong and the room filled to overflowing. So you'll be happy to hear that I'm looking at the Westmoreland Room for Spaz's event next year. (That was the room the SuperSponsor Lunch and Fursuit Games were in.) I'm hoping that will make for a far more comfortable space for both Spazfox and his audience.

2. Conflict between the Fursuit Parade and the end of the Art Show/auction. I've talked about this with PeterCat, and we'll see what we can do to alleviate this problem. I do recognize it as a problem as I myself had some pieces I was watching but also wanted to be in the parade. (I won one piece with the help of Rory...thanks pal.) I have a couple of ideas, but I want to touch base with both PeterCat and Yappyfox since we are dealing with two very high profile events that have some very specific time/materials/staffing requirements (Dorsai alignment for the parade route, not interfering with high traffic times in the dealer room, providing adequate time for folks to view and bid on their artwork, trying not to detract from other large events, etc.)

3. Volume of filking events: This was a reasonably new track for us this year. We had a special guest that came in and we believed that there would be a good amount of interest in these events. Traditionally at other venues when these events run, they have been wildly popular and run for many, many hours with rooms filled to capacity. We will be looking at the attendance and room requirements for this track for next year.

4. Too much back to back fursuit programming on Sunday: This was kind of a double edged sword. The parade is traditionally on Sunday so as not to hit the dealers' room during high transaction times, but still allow the dealers to be able to participate in one major daytime convention event. The room that the fursuit games needs was only available (after a reset) on Sunday afternoon. I thought that placing the photo shoots immediately before and after the parade would make things easier for those that wanted to particiapte...but it seemed to make them I'll be looking at new timeslots and days for those.

5. Lack of equipment for some events: I did try to get in requests for events...but with the new layout and the difference between equipment inthe convention center and the hotel, things didn't go as smoothly as I would have hoped for. I'll be working with SimbaLion to try and make this an easier process for next year.

I know that some rooms filled very quickly, while others were in rooms that seemed cavernous. Some of this is based on previous years' attendance for certain panels. Again, I'll be looking to make adjustments to better accommodate all panels.

If you have feedback on any part of programming, please let me know. I need your feedback to help make Anthrocon programming as good as it can be.

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