Thrashbear (thrashbear) wrote in anthrocon,

The rumor mill

Okay, time to set the rumor mill to a grinding halt. I'd like to share a few things I've heard in the background, and I'd like for someone to tell me whether they are true. Also, if anyone else has a rumor that they've heard, good or bad, I'd be interested to hear them and how they are addressed.

RUMOR: When a dealer arrived to the loading dock, they were not allowed to use any form of wheeled assistance (i.e. hand truck or dolly cart) to bring their stuff in. hence, a union member had to be the one to handle it.

TRUE OR FALSE: Certain floors in the hotel (like floors under the 5th) were deliberately locked off from the elevators. This caused people to wait for elevators that never came because the switch was turned off for that floor.

RUMOR: When the concession stand in the dealer space ran out of food, they finally allowed us to bring in outside food (hence why I saw Mcdonald's and sub shop food within the conspace).

Also, I was witness to an incident on the 12th floor on Sunday night (those who know understand what I'm talking about). I was wondering what came of that.

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